The main menu, the mp3 player , the movie player, the pictures player , the navigator, the OBD interface, the GSM interface


CarMM is ready to be used with every navigation software.

Best results you can have if you use the R66 and destinator. R66 has the most completed map for my country (Greece) so i have invested more time to this application than other.

You can zoom in,zoom out and move through the map by pressing the buttons.


Very good results you can have if you use the Destinator software.

Destinator is used as an OLE object and therefore complete embedded in CarMM.

As keyboard the programm uses the standard virtual keyboard from windows.

Of course you can hear and change your favorite songs while the maps are displayed. A small banner will always inform you about currently song playing.

Following destinator modes are supported: View mode, Night mode and route mode.

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