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Ok this is the best part of CarMM.

The OBD II interface.

OBD is a standard interface that you can find in almost every new car. With this you are able to follow the most critical parameters of your car.

There are plenty freeware and shareware programms around the internet but i haven't found a full usable and integrated programm so far.So i decided to build one from scratch, according my needs and fantasy. I have to admit, i spend many hours,days,months to find out all the industrial formulas and calculations that are implemented in CarMM.

Some of the features you can find in the obd module are here described.


By starting the module every few seconds the car status is checked. If there is a problem in your car, a popup windows will inform you about it with detailed description.

In normal operation the programm will show you

  • motor rpm
  • speed
  • throttle position
  • machine load
  • Airflow in gm/sec
  • position of the fuel trims
  • coolant temperature
  • air temperature

Additionally following data are calculated based on the given parameters of your car:

  • accelaration
  • Horse power
  • Torque

All these data are displayed by numbers and individual graphs and gauges.

All graphs are printable and exportable as bitmaps.


There is also a logging tool, so you can study the data after the drive.

Through the logging tool you will be also able to reset the MIL status.

That means that you can remove all warning lights and messages by yourself.

Acomplete list of all possible errors is also available trough the logging tool.


Do you want to know the true accelaration of your car?

Here is the possibility. The program begins with the time capturing when the wheels are begining to roll.

The user can decide when the acceleration measuring stops. As example after reaching 100 km/h.

The gauges showing the calculted horse power and speed and a fully log can be saved.

air For tunning freaks there is a graph showing almost real time the short and long term fuel trims. So you can adjust the fuel presure, perhaps turbo presure and ignition timing accortding this inforation.(Only with specialized intruments).
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