The main menu, the mp3 player , the movie player, the pictures player , the navigator, the OBD interface, the GSM interface


The player is fully adjustable and can find all mp3 files from your harddisk. The only thing you have do to, is to set the starting directory.

All songs are kept in a database-list which can be sorted by artist, album, genre and folder.

You can at every moment add new songs in the list, remove a song from the list and the harddisk and place a song into one of the following favorite lists:

  • Rock/blues/jazz
  • Pop/Disco/Dance
  • Easy listening
  • National
  • International
  • Classical

With the 10-band equalizer you can take the maximum of
your car-audio system

Mp3 Equalizer

Through the navigation buttons you can go back to the main menu or directly to the navigation software.

A randomizer is already included. You can even sort the songs adhoc and group directly songs by clicking on the artist name.
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