obd obd2 obd II vehicle diagnostics car diagnostics

The main menu, the mp3 player , the movie player, the pictures player , the navigator, the OBD interface, the GSM interface

is the first screen when the application is started. From here the user can choose between the mp3 player, the video player, the picture player, start the navigation software and connect to the OBD interface.

The application is remembering the song who was last played and after start the next song in the list is played automatically.

In the main menu you can find the <Parameters> button. Here you can give all the neccesary values which applies to your car:

  • if its a front,rear or four wheel drive
  • the aerodynamical factor cw
  • the front area in m2
  • the weight

All that is needed to calculate the horse power, torque and accelaration.

You have to give also the correct values for your OBD interface.
C hoose if you want to use the embedded destinator navigator or your favorite navigation programm.

Params Your favorite skin also from here selectable.

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